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    • I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Mr. John Kraus for helping me to obtain my home. Mr. Kraus portray dedication and professionalism as a realtor. We search for a house for about a year. He worked tirelessly searching, travelling back and forth, looking at various...Read More


    • John worked very hard to help me get the home I wanted. He made it easy to fill out the paperwork needed for the various things that needed to be done. His prompt return of phone calls or emails was always appreciated. When problems came up he handled them. He was a pleasure to deal with....Read More


    • I can honestly say we would not be in the house we recently purchased if not for Johns tireless effort and work ethic. He helped guide us every step of the home buying process and worked with a mortgage company that my wife and i started with that was less than helpful, but John got that squared...Read More


    • John Kraus was a wonderful agent. After seeing a few homes, he got to know what we were looking for and actually ended up finding the house for us that we ended up buying. John is very responsive and has many contacts and recommendations for related needs (inspectors, contractors, etc.). The...Read More


    • John has to be the nicest agent ever. As a first time home buyer, I was clueless about the who process. John was never too busy to answer my abundance of rookie questions. Dealing with a bank owned property, everything was on their terms, so the waiting became almost unbearable at times. Yet,...Read More